Born Again

in Blue Water

Voyaging into Ministry

Welcome to Born Again in Blue Water

We are Russ and Amy Patterson. In October 2019, we made the decision to sell everything, buy a sailboat, move aboard, and cruise around the Caribbean. By September 2020, we had moved aboard our 41 foot Morgan ketch, and while circumstances conspired to keep us in the U.S. longer than we were expecting, we managed to sail off for the Bahamas on July 20, 2021.


We are Christians who have served Jesus for many years through music, biblical counseling, and recovery ministries. As we looked into the culture and life-style of the Caribbean cruising community, we saw a gap in the Gospel's influence that we felt called to help fill.

We decided not to let our almost complete lack of sailing experience slow us down. We studied and researched all we could, and now we're learning along the way. Our inability to meet in groups because of COVID is making the ministry aspect of our journey a challenge, but we are building relationships, and shining God's light where and when we have the opportunity.

Here on this site we have a blog, an "About" page with our individual testimonies and other personal info, and an "Apparel" page where you can get great Born Again in Blue Water gear. We also have a Facebook page to keep up with the more day to day activities, and now we have a You Tube channel as well, all at Born Again in Blue Water


Come join us on our adventure...We'd love to have you!